Consultant Abigail Healey comments on TikTok being fined over breaches of GDPR, in Commercial Dispute Resolution

April 5, 2023

Consultant Abigail Healey examines the £12.7 million fine facing social media platform TikTok over breaches of the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation including the misuse of children’s data.

Abigail’s comments were published in Commercial Dispute Resolution, 5 April 2023, and can be read here.

TikTok is facing significant regulatory scrutiny over how it handles data, given the high number of children using the app, and authorities are becoming increasingly strict on how the platform processes data.

A major challenge for TikTok will be how it processes and utilises children’s personal data, given that keeping children safe online is of vital importance. TikTok will need to demonstrate to regulators that it has put in place stringent policies to protect children’s personal data and prevent them from being exposed to harmful content.

TikTok is under increased pressure over data protection, following security concerns around the platform that has seen it banned from government devices in the UK and has led US lawmakers to consider a national ban.