At Quillon Law, our strategy is all about disciplined and measured growth whilst being recognised as the destination practice of choice. That strategy relies on attracting like-minded practitioners, rather than the traditional full-service scaling. Our ambition is to create a significant partnership covering all of our key market-facing practice areas: commercial, fraud and finance disputes, arbitration, white collar & regulatory. That also means providing the most flexible and adaptable careers in the market. We’re forging a culture of success and, in the business of disputes, winning is important. But we approach that concept in a different way.

We built Quillon Law so that we could foster a climate where teamwork and shared goals, not ruthless ambition, are the focal point of the business. It is supported by the development of a class-leading approach to development, purpose, responsibility and inclusion across the firm as it grows. If you’d like to find out more about developing a career with us, drop us a line at