Partner Mark Hastings interviewed by City A.M. on the rise of litigation boutiques

May 20, 2024

Partner Mark Hastings was recently interviewed by City A.M. on the rise of litigation boutiques, exploring the role of these specialised firms in high-profile commercial litigation and civil fraud cases in London’s courts.

Mark’s interview was published in City A.M., 20 May 2024, and can be found here.

“I always felt that there was a gap in the market for litigation-only firms that operated at the premium end of the market, with a distinct focus on high-end commercial litigation, large commercial fraud cases, and banking litigation.

“If you look at the New York market which is a highly developed legal market, they have around 100 litigation-only firms, whereas in London, we still only have a few at the high end. They say what happens in America happens here eventually.

“I do believe that you will get an increasingly developed litigation-only sector in London.

“It is very much a benefit that we don’t have a transactional practice rather than any kind of hindrance.

“Why wouldn’t you operate on a platform where you’ve still got your market and at the same time you’re not going to be beset by conflicts that you see at the larger firms.

“You have the freedom to decide rates and charging structures and the freedom to take a view on the development of a case.

“We’ve got three juniors who are under contract to join us. We’re in the process of making another senior hire. It’s growing and that’s very rewarding.

The number of high-value cases in the Commercial Court at this moment in time in the fraud space is probably greater than anything I’ve ever seen in my career”

“Boutiques like Quillion Law are perfectly positioned to be involved in these cases. It is certainly a good time to be a commercial fraud litigator.”