Partner Nicola McKinney joins Tech Disputes Network podcast to discuss the questions of authorship in blockchain technology

April 3, 2023

Partner Nicola McKinney explores several recent cases involving tech mogul Craig Wright who claims to have created the digital currency Bitcoin, and the questions these cases pose around the creation and authorship of blockchain technology.


Partner Nicola McKinney was interviewed by the Tech Disputes Network podcast, to provide insight on what recent cases involving Craig Wright reveal about the legal complications arising from blockchain and digital assets.

In particular, Nicola explores the case of Tulip Trading, where the ownership of approximately £3bn in Bitcoin assets is being disputed and the nature of fiduciary duties is being questioned, and discusses how the Court of Appeal judgement reflects a key point of contention around crypto claims.

She also examines the case of Kleiman v Wright, in which the ownership of Bitcoin assets was disputed over alleged forged documents and stolen crypto assets, as well as Crypto Open Patent Alliance v Wright which disputes the authenticity of a white paper which is thought to prove the authorship of Bitcoin itself.

A key aspect of these cases is the role of ownership and authorship in blockchain technology, as well as the prevalence of fraud within the industry, which has been the focus of numerous courtroom battles. Nicola explores what these cases reveal about recent developments in digital asset legislation and regulation, and how these cases may set a precedent for blockchain and crypto litigation going forward.

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